Up Paddle Board (SUP) You Can Buy

Browse our inflatable paddle boards & Onewheel electric skateboards, select a delivery date & we'll have it delivered directly to your doorstep or destination. If you're used to solid SUP boards, you might find thin four inch thick inflatable SUPs disconcerting at first. Easy to transport: The most common reason for me to wanting an inflatable board looks to be as a result of they're extraordinarily easy to transport.

This offers a level of flexibility and freedom which is simply impossible with hard boards - perfect for free spirits and travel junkies. With a relatively short length at 9' 8” and a wide stance at 35.5” this board offers great stability in the water, plus a very large platform for exercising, stretching, and posing.

The adjustable bungee on the nose of the board kept my waterproof bag safe and secure, too. It's hard to beat our tried-and-true combo of top quality inflatable paddle boards for a price that won't break the bank. They're also great for surfing. The majority of SUP paddle boarders don't surf'”they paddle around on flat water.

It's easy to be swayed by looks, but quality needs to be at the top of your list when it comes to choosing the best ISUP for your needs. Travel bags for your inflatable paddle board or 3 piece breakdown paddle. The boards can vary in length from around 8 feet (2.4 metres) to over 12 feet (3.6 metres), and have features such as padded decks and concave hulls, as well as one or three surfboard-style fins in the stern for tracking.

As a result of the cutting-edge designs in the latest boards, the popularity of paddle boarding is soaring. Transporting is a cinch with removable fin, coiled leash, gauge and high pressure pump, adjustable paddle and a durable pack for all. The blunt nose shape keeps the board steady and when fully inflated it offers a good hard surface to practice on. Conveniently, there is also somewhere to store your paddle while you're in warrior pose.

Believe it or not, paddle boarding is taking off because someone decided to make the boards inflatable and thus more transportable, meaning those hard boards that people stand on to meander or race through waters can now roll up and fit inside your suitcase.

Doing yoga on a paddleboard is a whole new yoga experience - the water adds an extra element of challenge and fresh air. Plastic: SUP boards made of plastic tend to be highly durable and affordable, but lacking in performance and in looks. At Maui Stand Up Paddle Boarding, we offer the latest, top-of-the-line NAISH inflatable stand up boards for your paddling excursions while here in Maui.

Your first purchasing decision will be to decide whether you'd rather an inflatable (iSUP) or a rigid board and this depends on budget, storage space and ease of access to your watercourse, but, whichever you choose, the most important issue is to find the dimensions that strike the best balance between stability on the water and optimal glide over it.

Stand Up Paddle inflatable stand up paddle board boarding (SUP) and surfing have quickly gained popularity worldwide as one of the most exciting new water sports. The PathFinder inflatable paddleboard is a versatile all-round paddle board. The Hokua is fairly lightweight for that type of board with its strong construction that it comes with.

The lightweight board is very stable and can be easily transported in the supplied carrying bag. Extremely durable, which is great for whitewater paddling. In the box is a pump, an adjustable aluminum paddle, a detachable center fin, a valve wrench and a carry bag with shoulder straps.

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